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High-Quality Tanning Solutions in Basildon

At SunShine Co. we have been providing indoor tanning for over 30 years allowing our customers to have a break from everyday life whilst catching a tan. 

If you are local to Basildon, our tanning salon is open from 9am till 10pm . 

The benefits of using our Tanning

Do you want to achieve a beautiful, sun-kissed complexion? Tanning beds can give you healthy and glowing skin within a few weeks. 

Not only will you develop a beautiful rich tone, but by using our tanning equipment, you can see many benefits such as: 

Provides Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a vital role in preserving bone density, controlling insulin levels for managing diabetes, and bolstering the nervous and immune systems. When direct sunlight is lacking, using UV rays from tanning devices can assist in producing this essential vitamin.

Boosts Your Mood

Sunlight boosts mood by triggering the release of endorphins. Yet, natural sunlight isn’t always accessible year-round, making tanning a viable alternative to elevate mood and energy levels consistently

Helps with Sleep Cycles

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can influence the regulation of serotonin and melatonin, key hormones for promoting a healthy sleep cycle. Indoor tanning might therefore offer a convenient option for adults, particularly during the winter months.

Love coming here inez is the best. Beds always give me the most amazing tan

Rachel F.
Rachel F. 05/01/2024

Inez behind front desk is always helpful

Lukas Darby
Lukas Darby 05/01/2024

Love sunshine co so much will never go anywhere else! All staff are so helpful especially Inez who is so so lovely ❤️

madison hewes
madison hewes 05/01/2024

Had an amazing experience in Sunshine Co, Inez was such a brilliant help at fixing my account and the beds are amazing! So pleasedddd😁❤️

Ellouise Dunsdon
Ellouise Dunsdon 05/01/2024

My favourite tanning place. Easy parking at Lidl Very polite staff.

Michal Kozlowski
Michal Kozlowski 02/01/2024

Quality place. Clean beds and welcoming staff

Daniel Edmonds
Daniel Edmonds 22/12/2023

Great place to go. Clean and friendly.

Deborah Alkadhim
Deborah Alkadhim 16/12/2023

I have been meaning to leave a review for some time. I visit your Orpington salon weekly and lovely Nancy is so welcoming kind and thoughtful. I work long shifts for NHS and this is my me time. Nancy is so lovely always asking how I am its like having my therapy. So a big thanks Nancy

Janet Mcdowell
Janet Mcdowell 09/12/2023

Sunbeds, lovely and clean shop lovely and clean and staff always so welcoming

Donna Arnold
Donna Arnold 08/12/2023

Orpington salon would never go anywhere else

Buggie Bangoly
Buggie Bangoly 08/12/2023

Just had my weekly tanning session at my favourite place love too see the girls and especially with Nancy, always a pleasure very polite Customer always amazing. Keep it up Sunshine the absolute best 👌

Debbie Jenner
Debbie Jenner 08/12/2023


Maria Gillespie
Maria Gillespie 01/12/2023

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