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Get ready to glow with our tanning packages! We offer a range of packages designed to suit your needs and budget, and help you enjoy a great tan all year round.

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153-155 Heath Park Rd,

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Monday: 9am 10pm
Tuesday: 9am 10pm
Wednesday 9am 10pm
Thursday 9am 10pm
Friday 9am 10pm
Saturday 9am 9pm
Sunday 9am 9pm

Why choose our Tanning Beds?

We are committed to investing in the latest technology. This includes our P9 series of tanning equipment from megaSun, which combines unique design with outstanding technical performance. Tubes changed regularly and equipment maintained to the highest standards.

With expert guidance and top-of-the-line equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of a natural-looking tan in a clean, relaxing and safe environment.

By choosing The Sunshine Co. you are gaining access to a range of benefits, some of which include:

The Best Technology
We use Megasun equipment, the very latest vertical and lay-down high-powered tanning equipment.
Customer Satisfaction
Our fully trained staff work hard to guarantee a pleasant tanning experience.
Flexible Pricing
We offer many pricing options and a variety of courses that suit your budget.
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Discover our range of tanning products

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality lotions designed to cater to your unique tanning needs. Whether you’re a self-tanning expert or a beginner looking to achieve a natural-looking glow, we have the perfect product for you.

Take a look at our range of tanning products and indulge in the ultimate sun-kissed look.

Paris is a baddie

Fred Perry 22/07/2023

First time I've ever been to a sun bed shop !! I'm going on holiday soon and wanted a base tan !! Staff very helpful!!

First time back in a while. Very nice staff and good all round experience

james carter 30/09/2022

Friendly, cheery staff. Always remember my name. Highly recommended.

Really friendly staff, really helpful, managed to find my course that I'd bought before lockdown and I was still able to use it so very pleased. Clean sun beds.

Been using this sunbed shop for 20+ years, staff always friendly and helpful and always clean.

P90 beds are the best

Otis Wright 13/10/2020

Always great. Friendly staff very clean

Great tanning shop and friendly staff

Decent price and the staff were very lovely. Got a noticable tan within 2 goes

Warm welcome with great sunbeds always hot tubes changed regularly unlike Simply Tanning.

Sandra 06/05/2019

Very friendly staff. Good beds.

Lauren Waite 27/06/2017

Good sun bed shop, nice staff

Lindsay Fox 01/05/2017

Great beds,always replace there tubes and friendly staff.

Carly Ridley 11/12/2016


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